It’s not unusual nowadays to spend well over £100 on your sat nav, and considering they tend to get outdated by new tech in sometimes just two to three years they shouldn’t always be considered sound investments.

Here though is a new sat nav range that costs from as little as £60. The budget-minded sat navs in the F-Series range from Binatone are designed to be slim and boast both 2D and 3D navigation views.

Two versions are available: The F350, with a 3.5in LCD touch screen, and the F430, which is exactly the same, only it has a 4.3in screen.

Binatone’s new F-series sat navs are available through Argos. The F350 retails at £59.99 (pre-loaded with Western European maps, it’s £79.99), F430s are £74.99 and £99.99 respectively.

Interested? Order online by visiting or call: 0845 640 2020 to check availability.





We don’t think it’s unfair to say that when it comes to high-performance track day brake pads, the DS2500 compound from Ferodo has to be one of the best in the business.

The new generation friction material used for these pads is low in compressibility, which ensures a firm pedal feel and a consistent coefficient of friction at almost any temperature – this is particularly helpful while out on the track as the pads promise very predictable braking, corner after corner.

The DS2500 is also said to boast minimal bedding-in time and offers low pad wear for a surprisingly long life.

These pads are available through Demon Tweeks, priced at a very reasonable £115.62 for a front set of pads for a first generation MINI One. Order online ( or speak to a member of the sales team on 01978 664466.



MarAprPWctecWhen it comes to ‘smart’ battery chargers and maintenance products, CTEK was one of the first brands to successfully break on to the scene. Its latest generation of compact products is designed to extend the life of ever-more sophisticated lead-acid batteries.

Apparently, the Multi-XS 4003 offers a level of technology to the consumer market, which according to CTEK was only previously available through its range of professional products. This charger can be easily used to ensure any lead battery is optimally conditioned, charged and maintained. 

As well as offering an incredibly useful diagnostic function (which allows the user to not only work out whether a battery can take, but also retain charge) this charger also removes lead-sulphate from the battery plates.

Best of all, the CTEK Multi-XS 4003 comes complete with a five-year warranty. Readers can find out more by visiting The best place to buy is through online store where you’ll pay £74.95.



JanFebPWLohenMost readers realise that not all carbon fibre products are just for making your MINI look good. Another of its many selling points is that the material is far lighter than stainless steel or aluminium, which makes it a great material for strut braces. 

Lohen is currently offering front and rear Cusco strut braces, both of which are intended to limit how much the chassis will flex and at the same time make your MINI more stable while cornering.

Front Cusco braces cost £160 and rear braces are slightly more at £180. Both of these products are suitable for most MINI models, but be sure to double-check on Lohen’s website that they’re right for your car before splashing your cash.

If you like the idea of more responsive and predictable road manners for your MINI, you can order these lightweight Cusco braces by visiting or calling 01785 859999.



NDpwDraperDraper’s new digital fault code reader, from its range of ‘Expert’ tools, is apparently perfect for both diagnosing and extinguishing warning lights on almost a universal range of vehicles. This latest addition to Draper’s diagnostics range is suitable for all post-2001 petrol and post-2004 diesel engines with EOBD-compliant engines.

Features of this vital bit of workshop kit include its patented display, which is able to show up to 25 pieces of information at once, and its ability to read fault codes and extract freeze frame data, all within just 25 seconds.

This unit supports numerous protocols including: J1850 VPW/PWM, ISO9141, KW2000 and CAN, plus it’s pre-loaded with over 22,000 code definitions, including generic and manufacturer specific codes in its memory.

Expect to pay around £208.48 for this Draper Expert EOBD3 Digital Engine Fault Code Reader. For further information and to find details on your nearest Draper stockist visit

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