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Sump Plug Leak

MAtechSumpQ. I have a 2003 MINI One and have noticed that oil has started to leak from the sump plug. Should I tighten the sump plug and if so, how tight should it be and will this fix the problem or risk stripping the thread? I don’t want to do any damage and have to pay for a new sump.

Sam Barnes

Black Out

MatechblackQ. I have a March 2006 Cooper S and have been looking for a Xenon headlight black housing for ages. I would be interested to know where would I be able to get hold of the black carbon trims for the Xenon housing as featured in the Jan-Feb 2011 issue?

Carl O’Grady

MINI Mouse

MAtechmouseQ. We recently took our 2008 MINI D out of the garage, went to use the washers but they would not work, so lifted the bonnet and found the pipe had been eaten by mice from the washer bottle to the connecting pipe to the windscreen!
We took it to the MINI dealer, where they charged £6.34 for the pipe and £93 to fit it. As I can’t afford this every time, can you tell me how to get to the washer bottle? Our next door neighbour has a MINI and hers has been eaten twice!

Barry Morris, Email

Service Intervals

MAtechserviceQ. I bought an R53 Cooper S Works (2005) in February last year and it’s now coming up for an MoT but my service display states that a service is required in 11,500 miles.

I’ve only done 3000 miles in the last 12 months which is about my average. Should I still have it serviced with my MoT and would this affect the service/inspection cycle in any way?

Antony Mannion

PAS problems

MAtechPASQ. I own a 2004 MC40 which just had the power steering pump go dead. I believe that there was an issue of your magazine that detailed how to change the power steering pump but I’ve lost my copy. Do you know which issue it was? Will there be a story on the possibility of power steering pump recalls? It seems that complaints about it surfaced late in 2010.   

Matthew Naiman

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