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Noisy Steering

May-JuneQ5OilQ. I’ve recently bought a 2003 MINI One and have never owned a MINI before. It’s a fantastic car to drive, but I’m a little worried about the steering. Looking at the various forums and websites about the MINI, the power steering pump seems to fail and can be expensive to replace. The steering on my MINI One is noisy at low speeds or when I’m parking. It sounds like it’s whining, but it’s fine at high speed. I have taken my car to my local BMW dealer and they explained that all MINI’s power steering makes this type of noise. Is this true and should I not worry?

Ben Milner

Which Engine Oil?

May-JuneQ5OilQ. I own a 2003 MINI Cooper and want to change the engine oil. Can you recommend a good oil to use and whether I should use fully synthetic or semi-synthetic? Also, how hard should I tighten the sump plug?

John Bentley

Brake Pad Warning

May-JuneQ3BrakeQ. The light for the brake pads has recently appeared on the dashboard of my MINI Cooper (2004 model). How long can I continue driving before I should check the brakes and maybe change the brake pads?

Ben Hampton

Tyre Warning

May-JuneQ2TyreQ. I have a 2002 MINI One and the tyre pressure symbol keeps lighting up on some journeys but not on others.  I’ve checked the tyre pressures and tried to reset with the control button but nothing happens. Do you have any ideas what could be the problem?

John Turnball

Manifolds and Bonnet Swaps

May-JuneQ1ManifoldQ. I own a MINI Cooper Park Lane and wish to find out about what I would need to do and buy to change over my bonnet to a Cooper S shaped one. Are the fittings the same and is the front grille the same size?

Also, I am looking to buy a full stainless exhaust system including manifold. What makes could I fit safely? I have looked into this and need more help. Could you tell me about Blueflame, Milltek, Janspeed etc? I have been in touch with Piper from your mag, or could you recommend any other or where I could go to get an exhaust fitted? I am not after any great performance, I just want the exhaust to last without rusting or failing.

Saul Hillier

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