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Which intercooler?

NovDecQAcoolerQ I have an R56 MINI Cooper S and would like to improve its performance. I’ve heard about fitting a better intercooler, but don’t know where to start and whether it will help. Can you tell me whether fitting a better intercooler will improve the performance of my Cooper S? Is the fitting of an intercooler a specialist job or could I do it myself?

Rob Winlass, Email



Air filter upgrade

OctQAfilterQ I want to improve the performance on my 2004 MINI One and after reading lots of forums and articles, an air filter seems to be a good starting point. Can you recommend a particular performance air filter and one that’s good value for money? Have you run any group tests of air filters in Modern MINI? I don’t want to waste my money and don’t know where to start.

Jill Smith, Email


Plug Swap

OctQAplugQ I’m planning to change the spark plugs on my Gen 1 Cooper S and understand I’ll need to remove the intercooler to get to them (I have an uprated intercooler). Is there anything else I should be aware of? Are the spark plugs easy to take out and is it also easy to fit new ones? Are any special tools required?

Sam Redford, Email


Roof wrapping

OctQAroofQ I’m thinking about vinyl wrapping the roof of my R56 Cooper. Is this something that is within the scope of the average amateur MINI tinkerer, or will I probably make a hash of it and wish I’d paid someone to fit it? I’ve seen a few articles on vinyl wrapping, but not one on fitting vinyl to the roof. Have you covered it before and if so, which issue was it featured in?

Sally Burnett, Email


Ball joint failure

OctQAballQ. My 2002 MINI One has just failed its MoT on a front bottom ball joint. Is this easy to fix and do you think I could do it myself, or should I leave it to a MINI dealer or specialist? I’ve changed the brakes on my MINI and serviced the engine, so I’ve done a bit to it and have plenty of tools.

Zak Barnes, Email

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