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Central locking query
SeptoctQAlockQ: I own two MINIs: a 61-plate Countryman Cooper SD and a 58 MINI One.

My query is about the central locking as both handbooks state that the cars will relock after a brief moment if no door is opened. I tried this but after some ten minutes the cars do not relock. The system is set for automatic locking which works when driving off and the small switch in the centre console does unlock and relock all doors and boot.

Secondly, according to the handbooks the remote should be capable of opening the boot alone if the relevant button is pressed and held. However, when I try the boot remains locked and there does not appear to be any way to activate it.

John Mahony, Email

Control arms
SeptoctQAarmsQ: Is there a known weakness with MINI rear control arms? My 2003 Cooper S nearly rolled when the OSR collapsed on a fast left-hander. The replacements are of a different and better design! Do you know when they upgraded them?

Bob Bull, Email


Dooper economy
julyaugqaeconomyQ: I’ve been thinking of getting my daily driver 2007 Cooper D remapped for even better fuel economy. I’ve read up about the benefits of mapping diesel engines and wondered what your view is? I certainly don’t want to put my engine at risk but would enjoy the claimed performance.

Alistair Loman, Email


Roof decal
julyaugqaroofQ: I have a 2011 Cooper D and I am a devoted Newcastle United fan. I would like to have a full-sized club crest on my MINI’s roof and wondered if you have information as to which company could do this for me in vinyl locally? I’m based in Lichfield, Staffs.

Steve Yates, Lichfield

All season option
julyaugqaseasonQ: My MINI Cooper D has 205/45/17 low profile tyres all round, but is not as sure-footed on the snow as my previous Toyota Avensis which was fitted with narrower sectioned tyres. Instead of buying a new set of rims and winter tyres, would an acceptable compromise be ‘all season’ tyres and if so, what would you recommend for year-round running?

Stuart Hastings, Sheffield


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