Across the Divide
Tuesday, 22 February 2011 11:36

Former classic Mini owner Richard Webster is keen to bridge the old v new gap. And there’s no better way to do it than with this JCW-powered Cooper S

Words and pics: Paul Wager

mAfeature1Even the most hardened classic car nut sometimes has to take a step back and a deep breath. In may own case it was after a particularly horrendous winter trip on a traffic-clogged M6 where the lure of sitting on a damp seat, wiping the misted up screen with one hand and keeping the dodgy idle going with one foot while attempting to work an awkward clutch and equally obstructive gearbox with six-volt lights making me all but invisible to Polish Scanias.

In Richard’s case his classic Mini was probably rather more up-together than the ropey motors in my own past, but as he admits, there came a time where daily use was just going to wreck a classic of any kind, even the much-modernised Rover Cooper.

And so it was that he made the leap from Mini (a limited-edition last-of-the-line Rover) to MINI but rather than starting on the bottom rung of the ladder with a hubcapped One, he kicked off new Mini ownership with a Cooper S. No stranger to modifying, his classic had boasted around 100 bhp which is good going for the venerable A-Series motor but the supercharged S boasted much more potential.
Economy Class
Saturday, 22 January 2011 00:00

Now with BMW power, the Cooper D offers JCW pulling power with a green edge

Words: Paul Wager  Pics: Paul Wager, Jackie Skelton

JFfeature1The drive for green credentials over the last couple of years has seen some startling progress in emissions and economy from the motor industry and we’re now at a point where even the petrol-engined MINIs turn in over 50 mpg in One trim, while further up the BMW Group range even some of bigger engines are now giving the sort of economy you’d once have seen from a diesel.

As for the diesel-powered MINI, it’s now in its third incarnation and if you’d always thought that diesel power was just, well, wrong for the MINI then now is the time to sit up and prepare to change your mind.

Niche Work
Monday, 22 November 2010 00:00

We drive the UK-spec Countryman on and off UK roads

Words: Paul Wager Pics: Mini UK, Paul Wager

NDfeature1aYou’re nobody these days if you haven’t got a crossover in your line-up. Admittedly some are stretching the idea to the point where it can be hard to see exactly what they’re crossing over from or to, but one thing’s for certain: in a car sales climate hammered by recession, the concept of the crossover has been profitable enough to keep more than one car maker afloat the crossover combines glamour with a lower price and cheaper car insurance.

MINI’s interpretation of the crossover of course is the Countryman and by now regular MM readers could be forgiven for wondering whether it’s actually been launched or not, so numerous have the various previews and unveilings been. As far as the UK is concerned though, September 18 is the day when the big MINI is officially launched and this issue has given us the first chance to try the right-hand drive, UK-spec examples on familiar roads.

It's A Wrap
Wednesday, 22 September 2010 00:00

Sign My Ride has become well known on the MINI scene for its graphics that can transform the look of a MINI. We find out what they’ve done to their own Cooper S.

Words & Pics: Rob Hawkins

SOfeature1Sign My Ride is one of a few car graphics businesses dedicated to the MINI and when you meet proprietor Theron Denyer it’s easy to see why he chose the MINI: he eats, breathes and sleeps them.

The Cooper S seen here is Theron’s second MINI, his first being a 2003 Cooper. “I only had the Cooper for about six months,” he says. “I really liked the car but I was after more power and after seeing this Cooper S at Stratstone Chesterfield I soon swapped MINIs.”

Fourth Estate
Thursday, 22 July 2010 00:00

We catch a sneak preview of the first-ever four-door, four-wheel-drive MINI

Words & pics:  Ian Kuah

JAfeature1The number four figures very prominently with the new MINI Countryman. Coded R60, this is the fourth model in the MINI range after the hatchback, Clubman and Cabriolet. It is also the first MINI with four doors, and the first MINI with four-wheel-drive.

To show us what it looks like inside and out, as well as prove its superb handling and grip, MINI took us to the OAMTC Driver Safety and Motorsport centre at Wachauring in Austria where we could extend the new Countryman in safety.

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