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Tuesday, 07 October 2014 00:00

Death of the tax disc: How it will affect you

Paper tax discs will no longer have to be displayed in UK cars from the beginning of October. However, this doesn't mean you won't need to pay tax to store your MINI or use it on the road.

Instead, you'll pay your car tax electronically and the records will tracked via the UK's nationwide network of numberplate recognition cameras.

Worried about remembering when your tax disc expires? You'll still receive a renewal reminder from the DVLA.

Buying or selling your MINI? If you're the buyer, you'll no longer be able to have road tax transferred to your new car and must instead arrange to pay tax on the new car before hitting the road.

On the flip side, the seller will automatically have any surplus tax refunded once the DVLA has been alerted to the change of ownership. Refunds will also be issued if a car is scrapped, exported, declared SORN or its class changes the class to become exempt.

Another change to the system is that you will be able to pay your road tax by direct debit. From 1 November direct debit payments for your road tax will be offered in annual, six-monthly, or even monthly instalments.

Buying a new MINI? Unfortunately the direct debit payment scheme isn't available on first registrations. For more information visit the government’s website at